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What is the best Spanish self study book?

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which Spanish learning book (self study) do you suggest? thanks

July 8, 2012



The 'Practice Makes Perfect' series is pretty good.


Hi Shiva!!! I am studying with one called - A Good Spanish Book! - and I am very happy with the results. Everything is well explained and I saw on the cover that it was written by a university professor from Spain so I picked it at my university library. Check if you have it available in a library next to you and if not you can look for it online. The author is Dr Ricardo Roque Mateos and I don't remember the publishing house but it was something like University Editions or so. Hope this helps!!! :)))

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Hi Alina! Thank you very much for your suggestion and also your explanation. It seems to be a great one as you said. I'd get it in a couple of days for sure. Thanks again and good luck with your progress :)

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