"He does not run, he walks."

Translation:वह दौड़ता नहीं, चलता है।

August 4, 2018

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Why is "नहीं" sometimes after the verb and sometimes before?


Emphasis. He does not RUN, he WALKS. Changing the order of words in a Hindi sentence sometimes helps to show emphasis.


So writing it the other way round would be a wrong answer in this case?


So नहीं negates the thing that comes before it?

वह नहीं दौड़ता है -- He doesn't run, (someone else does).

वह दौड़ता नहीं है -- He doesn't run, (he does something else).

Is that right?


No, it always negates a verb. (If it seems not to, it's negating है.)


This does not answer the question. I'm still confused as to why nahi comes after run in the Hindi...


Think of it like they'd say in movies of olden times.

The knight or the prince might say, "he runs not, he walks".

Or like the flower: Forget-Me-Nots.


Can there be a second हैं after नहीं?


Technically yes, but it would sound weird to a native speaker. होना is usually dropped in negative sentences using नहीं, e.g.

मैं यह सड़क पर नहीं चलता vs मैं यह सड़क पर चलता हूँ

However, you can't drop होना if it's the main verb:

मैं औरत नहीं हूँ

Hope that helps!


I don't think so.... It should be accepted from my point of view


"नहीं" sometimes comes after the verb, or before the verb. The poets in hindi uses this to express their lines. I don't know the real reason, but it makes the sentence a little satisfying. But, in this case, " He does not run, he walks" , if we write it as "वह नहीं दौड़ता,चलता है।" , it is a mistake in hindi grammar. If you want to use नहीं before दौड़ता, then you should add लेकिन (but) before चलता. Then the meaning will change as "He does not run, but he walks" in english. If you don't add the लेकिन, you should use पर or परंतु. Hope this may help you


Would this mean the same? "Veha dorta nahi hai, per chulta."


The English sentence is punctuated incorrectly. It is a comma splice/run-on sentence. If you are teaching a language, please get the punctuation correct.

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