"यह मार्च का महीना है।"

Translation:This is the month of March.

August 4, 2018

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This is a long way to say the phrase that would more ordinarily be expressed, “This month is March,” or, “It’s March this month.” Rarely would an English speaker say, “This is the month of March.”


Agreed. "This is the month of March" sounds stilted and awkward in normal conversation.


It's rare but it turns up in folk song lyrics. 'In the merry month of June' etc.


Yes, therefore quite archaic expression... Maybe still running in Indian English as well, as I would suspect.


Yes, agreed. The English translation should allow a more natural form of this expression. Hindi has lots of structures that we don't attempt to recreate in English. I don't see why this is any different.


The answer to all the complaints is:

Because it's a lesson, not a translation.

Every lesson has to be taught through sentences, not through explanations. That's haaaard.

So whenever you get a "translation" you don't like, ask yourself, "what lesson are they trying to teach me by using this particular structure?"


"This month is March" is an acceptable answer.


...and if that was applied consistently one could accept that, but it's not. Use the Hinglish version if you want but don't mark correct grammar wrong.


This March is the month? D'argh ..


This month is March should definitely be accepted

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