"My head is aching."

Translation:मेरे सिर में दर्द हो रहा है ।

August 4, 2018

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What function is the "ho" performing here?


I'm still wondering this same thing if you ever figured it out.


In this situation the 'हो' from the verb 'होना - to be' is giving the sense of being or happening.*

It can be easy to confuse with the 'हो' that we use when saying 'you are - तुम हो'.

दर्द हो रहा है literally means 'pain is happening/being'.

Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot .... You are a great teacher. You clear my doubts


It represents the present continuous tense..


"Mere sir me dard hai" is marked incorrect.


They want the -ing of aching. Thus far the've translated your version as "aches" not "aching".

(ie. The lessons were "he walks" and then later "he's walking".)


Hmm but they mark it correct when you put "Peter ke haath mein dard hain" for "Peter's hand is aching"


Why mere and not mera?


Because मेरे is the oblique form. It is oblique because a postposition is used in this sentence (में).


A pain lives in my head


Haha, yeah it is a bit odd for English speakers. Although हो रहा है is more like 'is happening'. रहा is just to make the continuous form here, and doesn't have to do with रहना (to live) per se. I think मेरे सिर में दर्द है, or even मेरे पास एक सिरदर्द है would also both be a similar meaning (although a mother tongue hindi speaker would have to confirm).


You're right zeebo7 except for the last sentence.
मेरे पास एक सरदर्द है is not correct. पास can't be used in any manner here.


Why does 'there is a pain in my leg' translate into 'in my leg is a pain' but when it's 'my head is aching' it suddenly becomes 'pain lives in my head'. Is it because of the head? Because in English it has the same meaning and you would never say there's a pain in my leg.


For anyone actually wanting to speak hindi, remember this instead: मुझे सिरदर्द है


Why is 'Mere sir me dard hai' marked incorrect?


Why doesn't duolingo have grammar lessons! This is so frustrating! Not intuitive!


If you have a headache this sentence is too long.


Why should we use Mei here without which also it seems correct.


Why में is necessary here. Please anyone ?


में is used here to say "in" to indicate where the pain ache is. The sentence translates roughly to " my head in pain happening is"


Confusing........ Lesson


My head is aching ko there is pain inmy head sahi nahi hai? Aap ,mere sar me dard ho raha hai . aise kyo? mai nahi samjaya.cud u explain it barbar mai ye galath kar rahi hoon.


Translation from English to Hindi: Sometimes we must say xxxx दर्द है And sometimes we must use xxxxx दर्द हो रहा है

I can not figure out from the English which one is required.

Can someone help with the difference in these two versions.

How is the meaning different?? What is normal Hindi usage?

I am studying using Duolingo’s Aap on an iPad which I like better, but I can NOT ask questions in these forums unless I access Duolingo’s homepage lessons…


If the English has is xxxx-ing, the Hindi has xxx हो रहा हे. This is continuous.
हो रहा है here means is happening.

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