"I am going to be there in the afternoon."

Translation:Já tam budu odpoledne.

August 4, 2018

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"Ja budu tam odpoledne" is not accepted. Is this a word ordering mistake? I've heard natives saying "ja budu tam", but could this be just a vernacular?


I also thought that in the struggle for the coveted Second Position BUDU would win over TAM, but apparently not here.


No, budu is not a clitic at all. Tam is an inconstant clitic so it wins.

You can indeed hear "Já budu tam!" or "Tam budu já!", but that is different. Tam is an inconstant clitic. It can be in the stressed first or final position as well. But when unstressed, it must be in the second position.


Won't it be more precise to translate it as "chystám se tam být odpoledne"?


No, "I'm going to" is normally transated as the future tense. There are subtle difference between "I will" and "I M going to" and one of tham is what you are saying, but still normally it is analyzed as the future tense.

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