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"reH maSuvrup 'ej not maHeghvIp."

Translation:We are always ready to fight and never afraid to die.

August 4, 2018



in "not maHeghvIp" (ma) is "we", and so i put it in my answer; but the suggested answer offers an alternative without "we" and I've answered other problems that required a pronoun in the second phrase.


Was your answer rejected? It looks like all currently accepted sentences have the option to write either with or without the second "we".

Sometimes, you'll get a different "Suggested answer" than the one you wrote, even if the one you wrote wasn't actually worse. This is usually because some sentences have hundreds of accepted answers but only 8 "Best Answers". This one has 6 "Best Answers", out of dozens of accepted answers (I think around 80-100).

Also, sometimes adding something to a "Best Answer" changes how information is shown to students in ways which we can't quite control, so sometimes we leave those as merely accepted.


I think it resolved I can't exactly remember. It might've been an answer that wasnt accepted because of missing punctuation and my own user error. Tyvm. :)


It says in the hints "We are" is an acceptable option. Why is it telling me I'm wrong?


What was your entire sentence?


It is accepted. It was probably a different error.


"We are always ready" is correct and "We always are ready" is not?


No. Both are accepted. However, there were some variations missing, so perhaps you typed one of the missing variations. Based on a report I saw, I was able to identify some missing variations and have added them. It can sometimes take a couple of weeks for those types of changes to go live in the course.

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