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  5. "我们现在要去海关。"


Translation:We need to go to customs now.

August 4, 2018



We have to go to customs now is not correct????


Customs is the checkpoint you need to go through to enter a country, where the security officers ask you what you are bringing into the country, and might look through your luggage.


"We have to go to customs now" not accepted. Reported 4th October 2018.


Have to, need to, must. All 3 are colloquially equivalent


all three are accepted now :)


Please update your correcting program so it understands that 要 can always be translated by either "have to" or "need to"


I didn't realize that, it looked like it would have just said: We are going to customs now. That helps a lot. I'm trying to find the symbol you indicated-i thought it spelled in pinyin as xian or jian maybe but i couldn't find it...?


English speakers of English go through Customs, not to Customs. And to distinguish this meaning of customs (i.e. Customs and & Excise - a form of taxation) from habits and practices, we would often treat it as a proper noun and give it a capital initial letter. I suppose it is because now this only happens at ports, airports etc and it is part of the route from the ship/aircraft via immigration, security etc to the destination jurisdiction, so we pass through the customs check, we don't go up to a counter and then back again. So 'go through customs' should be accepted.


Why is it "need" and not "want"?


we need to go to the customs now? go to customs now sounds like broken Engrish


Why is "go to the customs" not accepted? I could be wrong (non-native English speaker) but it sounds correct to me.


It is perfectly acceptable in English too. Either 'customs' or 'the customs' is a common expression in English.

In any case everybody understands what the Chinese says, and we are not here to learn the intricacies of English language.

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