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Looking for new friends studying Polish (beginner level)

All! I am a newbie on Duolingo, and with Polish, and I have heard that Duolingo gets much more interesting when competing with peers! Please feel free to invite me or get in touch here:)

August 4, 2018



Hi, i just followed you. I'm learning italian and polish. All the best!


Hi there, I'm a beginner with Polish too! I'll follow you as well. Happy language learning !


You can follow me on here if you want to practice with someone


Followed you, started learning polish like 2 months ago and I love this language so far, I know some polish people and I still can't understand them when they speak polish. Looking forward to learn more Nice to meet another learner, feel free to add me


Good morning, I have been studying Polish for about 14 months now. The only problem i have is lack of practice with a Polish speaker. If you are still studying would be happy to put you on my list of peers? Kind regards


Hi John - Thank you so much for this kind offer. Right now I have stopped studying Polish as I no longer work in the same workplace, where there were many Polish people with whom to practice. Now I have taken up Russian again and am steaming ahead with that. I do think that it is the opportunity to practise that really helps. Hope you are doing well with your Polish study. Best wishes, Paul


Many thanks for your reply Paul. I am a Russian speaker. My wife of 20 years is Russian and we lived in Baku for 18 years in a little Russian village called Ivanovka. The reason i am learning Polish is that one of my granddaughter in laws is Polish and she has two beautiful twins who will grow up speaking Polish. Good luck with the languages. John


Hello, Polish is new for me, too. Followed, if you want to practice together.


Hey sure! Like to converse?


Hi Marco - I’ve just started to learn Polish too! I’m working with lots of Polish people and thought it would be a good chance to practice with native speakers. Welcome!

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