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  5. "नेहा क्या खाती और पीती है?"

"नेहा क्या खाती और पीती है?"

Translation:What does Neha eat and drink?

August 4, 2018



So क्या means both what and does at the same time? Could this also have meant, "Does Neha eat and drink?", depending on the context? i.e., what if Neha was fasting...


क्या is only a yes/no question indicator if it comes at the beginning of the sentence. Does Neha eat and drink would be: क्या नेहा खाती और पीती है?


Very helpful response! Thank you!


Does this also cover the present progressive? “What is Neha eating and drinking?”


No it translates to नेहा क्या खा और पी रही है?


Is it used in Hindi like in English or Spanish, or like in German, where we have to describe it with other extra words? Otherwise we don't have this system in our language and it is sometimes difficult to understand and use it correctly.


Me pregunto lo mismo porque me tomo la respuesta como incorrecta.


Es differente en Hindi. Hay palabras mismos de, por ejemplo, "Neha esta comiendo" o "Neha esta bebiendo." En Hindi, es "नेहा क्या खा और पी रही है" o "नेहा क्या खा रहीऔर पी रही है."


What does Neha eat and drink?


I spell that drinks and eats but it said that it is eats and drinks

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