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"Ĉu la koloro de la domo estas hela malhela?"

Translation:Is the house's color light or dark?

August 4, 2018



Keep getting this and me, being British, keep getting it wrong; it won't accept "Is the house's colour light or dark?". Reported this, hopes it gets fixed soon =_=.


Same here, it normally accepts both spellings but for some reason won't accept "colour", let alone the phrase around the other way. I don't think any of the people in charge of the programme read our comments!


Apparently, it has been fixed, because I just answered Is the colour of the house light or dark? and I got it right.


For some reason when I read thus sentence I have a hard time saying "aŭ malhela". It comes out as "aŭ maŭhela." Lol i don't know why.


It reads to me. Is the color of the house light or dark. Or it might mean. Is the house color light or dark. Koloro looks like it is this subject and de la a domo is describing it. That's why biolumo said not enough words. There was not enough word boxes to choose from to say what he wanted.


My Translation: 1/ Is the house's color light or dark? is wrong 2/ Is the house's colour light or dark? is right


What are you asking or telling?


My translation: 1/ Is the house's color light or dark? is really wrong?


Sounds OK to me.


The lady says 'de' but then "hejla" instead of 'hela'

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