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Failed sound and disorderly icons

Hi, I'm posting this in hopes that the DL engineers can fix two glitches I've been experiencing. If you have experienced similar issues, please vote up and comment.

Sometimes I can be in the middle of a lesson or test, and all sound suddenly fails. I have to finish the task in complete silence. I still really need to hear and imitate the voice, since Portuguese pronunciation is new to me.

Also, when I post comments in the forums, sometimes my language icons are all in a random order. It looks so much better when they are ordered by level, so all the languages where I've reached level 25 appear first, followed by those at a lower level.

Hope you guys can fix these! Thanks for listening.

August 4, 2018



For several days I haven't had audio on certain Greek lessons...not the Listening exercises... on the pc but the Mobile was fine. Today this seems to have been resolved.

But as you can see my icons are all over the place. Thanks for mentioning it.


Hi jaye! Long time no see! It's such a pity there is no activity stream any more. Best wishes to you! It looks like your icons are in order, as well as LICA's and dogomolo's. Mine are the only disorderly ones on this page. But even that is not consistent.


Also, when I post comments in the forums, sometimes my language icons are all in a random order

Workaround: Refresh your browser after posting a comment.


Yes, that seems to be the trick. After I mentioned that I had the same problem someone pointed out that my icons were fine and to my surprise they were. Then on my next post, they were messed up again...so I tried refreshing and bingo they got themselves in order.

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