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Letters 4 really giving me a run for my money

I'm able to get through letters 1, 2, 3, but as soon as I hit 4, bam (or should I say bham)

Once before I reset my progress and worked up the Hindi tree.

This time I do lot of practice exercises (some of them timed).

Guess learning will take time .........

August 4, 2018



There are still a number of letters from Letters 4 that I don't have down well at all, but I went ahead and moved on to Basics 1 and Basics 2 anyway.

It's not really hurting me so far, and I figure that they'll be easier to learn in the context of learning words and sentences, which is more fun/interesting than just repeating Letters 4.


Oh my goodness! I wish I had the courage to move onto Basics ........ still getting cold feet and repeating the practice exercises. Somehow I am muddling through Letters 4 (because, you know, it's better to complete the tree)

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I am on crown level 5 now for letters 1 - 4, but that doesn't mean I know the letters well. This will still take some practice, but I am now recognizing more and more of them and it is fun to learn the Devanagari script.

So I think it is important to not give up but just continue to do the exercises. It is just a matter of time and practice and IMO it is definitely worth it.

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