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  5. "mara, bIyIt."

"mara, bIyIt."

Translation:Mara, you walked.

August 4, 2018



I answered, "You walked Mara."

Should that be an accepted answer?


The problem is not that your answer is ambiguous. Although, in English to be proper, you should have put a comma before the name Mara in your answer. But that is not the problem. The problem is that you changed the word order. The course contributors have asked that we keep the same word order for cases such as this.

On the same principle, if a sentence says torg mara je then you must translate it as torg and mara not mara and torg if you want to have your answer accepted.


Maybe my answer is too ambiguous here, as Mara might be a dog instead of obviously addressing Mara directly.

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