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  5. "bIyIt, torgh."

"bIyIt, torgh."

Translation:You will walk, Torg.

August 4, 2018



Without the option of a comma the word order can be confusing.

I answered, "Torg, you will walk." This might be less ambiguous than the accepted answer without a comma.


The course contributors have asked that we keep the same word order for sentences. Also, if you see, mara torg je then you will only get marked correct if you translate as mara and torg. If you write torg and mara it will be marked as wrong.

I didn't understand what you meant about the comma but now I think I understand that you are using the word blocks instead of typing the sentence out yourself.


My answer was, "You run, Torg." It's a simple statement and I think should have been accepted. What do you all think? It may not be natural speech, but it should still be grammatically correct.


It's a fine English sentence, but it is using the wrong verb. yIt means "walk". For run it would have had to be qet. "You walk, Torg," would have been accepted.

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