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Any simple books in Czech to help aid learning?

Ahoj! this is my first post in Discussion. please bear with me:)

Can anyone recommend any simple Czech childrens storybooks that I could read to help me with my basic Czech? I would really appreciate it:)

Thanks in advance Dekuji!

August 4, 2018



I found these YouTube videos. Not books but maybe helpful.

https://youtu.be/kVaE41hth8w - song from Moana. You can search YouTube for "čeština disney" and come up with a few good videos.
https://youtu.be/hAO_1RgPXH0 - children's song (this account has several children's songs/cartoons)
https://youtu.be/AX8fRRWTaFI - simple vocab for little kids

Children's books in Czech on Amazon (kind of expensive): https://www.amazon.com/Childrens-Books-Czech/s?page=1&rh=n%3A4%2Cp_n_feature_nine_browse-bin%3A3291457011


Thank you very much:)


Ahoj, I find for You a link to a story of Karel Čapek Dášenka Text : http://pohadky-online.eu/dasenka-cili-zivot-stenete/
watch Audio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj2wvlfxEKU
I hope you enjoy it.


Dekuji Maria! Thank you so much


I've created a spreadsheet with Czech learning resources, including reading material. They're not children's books but stories adapted for foreigners learning the language.



you may want to add "pohádky" from lída holá to that list


Done, not sure how I missed that one. Thanks for the tip!


Awesome, thank you!


It is a pity that the best Czech fairy tales use somewhat archaic language so they are probably too hard.


I just finished reading "Pohádky" from Lída Holá it's for level A2 and has a small dictionary with nearly all the words used for english, german and russian in one table (NOTE: "ch" comes after "h", thank me later). It has 12 fairy tales each 1 to 1 1/2 pages long and exercises for each one. I really enjoyed it, felt like I was a small child again. ISBN-13: 978-80-87481-98-1


Ahh, dekuji Christoph!


Thank you all for your suggestions, they really have helped me. Dekuji!


Try comics. Especially if you can have the Czech and original (or second translation) side by side. Any “classic” should work for this purpose, e.g, Asterix, Donald Duck, etc.

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