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"Neuměl používat vidličku a nůž."

Translation:He did not know how to use a knife and fork.

August 4, 2018



in some other tests such answer would be considered wrong, as for vidličku a nůž you must use a fork and knife, but not knife and fork


Yes, the Czech sentence is literally "fork and knife." But the alternative "knife and fork" may have been added as the "main" translation because it's the usual phrase in English. "Fork and knife" is also accepted.


So in czech it's more common to say "vidličky a nůž" rather than "nůž a vidličky"?
Makes me wonder how other languages handle that topic :D


No, not really, there is no strong preference for either, it is no strong collocation. I would rather say "neuměl jíst příborem".

And it is vidlička a nůž, vidličky a nože. There is just this dismissive reply to Cože? ... Vidličky a nože.

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