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  5. "उसका घोड़ा मेज़ पर है।"

"उसका घोड़ा मेज़ पर है।"

Translation:His horse is on the table.

August 5, 2018



Wait this is the first time I see a photo in the comment section


Did you search it in google keyboard and shared it?

[deactivated user]

    Where did you find this picture?


    How rude! Was he raised in a barn?


    I think this sentence definitely make sense when referring to horse pawn in a chess board


    Also when घोड़ा is used as a slang term for "gun".


    Must be on a big table


    How to start a fight in vet school.


    Why the "horse" is not in its oblique form?? When postpositions are used the preceeding words should be in oblique form Wright??


    You are correct that objects of the postpositions take the oblique form. However, घोड़ा is actually the subject of this sentence, so it's in the direct (nominative) form.

    In this sentence मेज़ is actually the object of the preposition पर , so मेज़ is actually in the oblique case. But मेज़ is one of those words which has the same spelling for the singular direct and singular oblique cases, so we can only infer its case from the fact that it precedes the postposition पर .

    If we swap around some words to say 'the table is on his horse', we get मेज़ उसके घोड़े पर है , and we can now more clearly see that उसका घोड़ा has converted into the oblique form उसके घोड़े because it is now the object of the postposition पर .


    his horse is on the table? What sense does this make, except if it is a toy?


    why THE TABLE comes here

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