"He wants more bread."

Translation:Él quiere más pan.

5 months ago



How do you know when it's "quiere" or "quieres"? I understand "quiero" is the "I" form, but what is the difference in the rest?

3 months ago


Quiero = I want Quiere = he/she/usted you want Quieres = you want

1 month ago


When would you use quieres instead of quiere

3 months ago


I have been having trouble.With this also. Like LeonaService said, quiero is the "I" form. After missing this several times, I asked my wife and looked it up in Google Translate. Quieres is the form of "you want" while quiere is "wants" like he or she wants. I'll be trying this out to see if it works.

3 months ago


Thanks. Maybe I can remember that rule a little better now.

2 months ago
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