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  5. "nuq DalIng DaneH?"

"nuq DalIng DaneH?"

Translation:What do you want to produce?

August 5, 2018



What about {nuq DalIng 'e' DaneH.} Is it related to why we don't use {'a'} to indicate a question (the question is indicated by {nuq})?


I wouldn't say they are related, but I guess in a way they are similar arbitrary rules. Officially, it is not wrong to use 'e' with neH, but it is not required for neH (even though it is required for all other verbs) and is seldom used with neH so when somebody does it, it stands out as odd.


It IS wrong to use 'e' with neH. There is an example in Star Trek VI where Azetbur says 'e' neHbe' vavoy That's not what my father wanted, and it's been speculated that she uses the 'e' here because she's not actually saying the previous sentence herself, but latching onto what someone else said. But this would simply be an unusual exception to the rule.

So no, you can't say nuq DalIng 'e' DaneH. It's wrong. It must be nuq DalIng DaneH.

-'a' doesn't just indicate a question, it indicates a yes/no question. nuq DalIng DaneH is not a yes/no question.

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