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"The bottom of the lid is sticky."

Translation:Hum yuvtlhe' 'aqroS.

August 5, 2018



I am wondering if bIS'ub is the correct word, given that:

(a) a lid is typically solid, such that the bottom must be an "exterior bottom" rather than an "interior bottom", implying that pIrmuS is more appropriate than bIS'ub, and/or

(b) the bottom of lid might be analogised to the bottom of a table, for which 'aqroS (interior top) is (somewhat counter-intuitively) the appropriate word per canon (I suppose that you have to picture yourself lying or squatting under the table looking up; in the case of a lid, I can imagine holding it up).

Or am I missing something?


This one is really confusing to me as well. A lid often has a lip around it. So where there is a lip, is that then an inside surface? And are we supposed to be thinking of the lid as though it were sitting on the container or as if it is off the container? If it is off the container, is it flipped upside down or facing the same direction that it sits on the container?

Given all that, it makes absolutely no sense to me either. I swear that I asked about this in this sentence discussion as well. Do you see me asking about it? I don't understand why your comment is separate from the other discussion about the same sentence. Ah, here, I found the link to it:


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