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  5. "Nejsem žena."

"Nejsem žena."

Translation:I am not a woman.

August 5, 2018



What is the difference between nejsem and nejsi?


Nejsem = I am not. Nejsi = you are not


You have to see the Tips and notes. It is the first and the second person.


Where to find it?


Use a web browser to select a skill. Then click on TIPS or on the lightbulb.


would "já neijsem" also be okay? I am a bit confused as to when to take the short and the long version


Já nejsem žena.

neijsem does not exist

The pronoun can be dropped https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pro-drop_language


yeah of course, that was a typo; I meant "Já nejsem žena" as an answer :) Thanks for the info; pronoun-dropping is something I have to wrap my head around ;)


It's not such a tricky concept. The verb "jsem" already contains the information that it's "I" doing the "being", making the "I" redundant. In English, "am" also works only with "I", but most verbs have the same form in all persons/numbers except for the 3rd singular (he goes) and some don't even have this exception (he can). Therefore, you need to include the pronoun in English (I go, you go, we go, they go) to know who is doing the action.

In Czech (and Spanish and many other languages), you nearly always know who is doing the action from the verb alone. E.g. "mám" (I have), "máš" (you have), "máme" (we have), etc. The pronoun becomes redundant. Including it in the sentence means stressing it in a way:

  • Jsem žena. - I'm a woman.
  • Já jsem žena. - I am a woman. As for me, I'm a woman.
  • Mám dítě. - I have a child.
  • Já mám dítě. - As for me, I have a child.
  • Dítě mám já. - It is me who has a child.
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