"तुम चाय पीते हो।"

Translation:You drink tea.

August 5, 2018



Why is the plural form पीते used? I thought it would be पिते only with आप?

August 5, 2018


तुम is grammatically plural even if you are using it to refer to a singular subject. Just as in French Vous is grammatically plural even when using it to refer to a singular subject. English does something similar in using what is referred to as "The Royal We", but much less often, in formal conversation "We" can be used to mean "I".

August 7, 2018


तुम also always conjugates with ए (तुम जा रहे हो, तुम जाते हो, तुम खाते थे, etc.) even though it's singular.

August 5, 2018


should be accepted

November 25, 2018


I thought this lesson only referred to noun pluralization? Drink is the verb in this sentence.

April 10, 2019
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