"Julia is not sad."

Translation:जूलिया दुखी नहीं है।

August 5, 2018

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I can't remember in what order to put nahin. Before or after the word it negates. Sometimes its before the final verb, sometimes it is before stuff.


नहीं is always placed adjacent to verbs.
With regular verbs, it can be placed on either side (with नहीं being after the verb when you want to emphasise the negation). With auxiliary verbs like है, नहीं is always placed before the verb.


In this example nahin is supposed to go after dukhi. In some examples it goes before the adjective. It seems random.


Isn't है optional in this sentence?


है is optional in negative sentences only when there is another verb in the sentence.
In this case, है is the only verb (दुखी is an adjective) and cannot be dropped.


Does "dukhi" also mean "pain" ... at least in Gujurati it can mean that... and I am trying to find a way to memorise this as "sad"


The verb दुखना is used to mean 'to pain' but the adjective दुख only means 'sad'.

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