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  5. "Mi hermana me quiere."

"Mi hermana me quiere."

Translation:My sister loves me.

March 28, 2013



Te quiero - I love you - this is NoN sexual. It is what you can say to anyone that you want to say, I love you, to. Te amo - I love you - what you say oNLy to your romantic partner, spouse, lover. Quiere means love oR want. Context is what matters.


Why can't it be "likes"?


That'd be "Le caigo bien a mi hermana", right? My sister likes me. Or would it be "La caigo bien a mi hermana"?


I put "I want my sister" How do you know if its want or love?


With people and dear pets it is love, with everything else (things) it is want.


Would you also use this if, say, your sister wants you for some purpose? Like if I was talking to someone but my sister wanted to talk to me, I might say 'Hold on, my sister wants me for a sec'.


You could use “necesitar/to need” to avoid confusion. What works in English won’t work in other languages


If I say "my sister wants me to run", would I still use "Me quiere" or would it be assumed I am saying she loves me?


No, you'd say "Mi hermana quiere que yo corra". It's subjunctive tense, but I'm not sure if duolingo goes over it.


when does quiere mean like and when does it mean love?


why is is me and not mi? So confusing


Mi ( without accent is used as singular posesive article) examples: mi casa, (my house) mi auto (my car), mi zapato (my shoe)

Mí (with accent is used as personal pronoun) example: esta llamada es para mí (This call is for me)

Me (first person) me dice (he tell me or she tell me) me da un regalo (he gives me a gift or she gives me a gift) , me veo en el espejo (I see myself in the mirror)

In this case: Mi hermana me quiere... mi (posesive article) hermana me (first person) quiere


Doesn't it imply some sexual meaning? Is "Mi hermana me ama" better or worse?


I think "querer" can be used for familial/friendly love. I think my roommate (who is Mexican and speaks Spanish) once said that little kids use "te quiero" with each other and with family. "Amar" implies a deeper love.


... says Jamie Lannister.

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