"Where are you going to travel to next year?"

Translation:¿Adónde vas a viajar el próximo año?

3 months ago


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Adónde is expressing movement - TO where are you going, as opposed to donde which would just be asking where you are. I find the difference quite subtle, as an English speaker, and it takes time to get your head around and remember to use it.

Donde means - where Adónde means - to where Donde refers to - location Adónde refers to - direction Donde is used to ask- where someone or something is located Adónde is used to ask - where someone or something is going Donde is generally followed by a noun or preposition Adónde is generally followed by a verb signifying movement

in answer to why 'a' is needed, it is used to signify going to do something in the near future, near future being subjective, as in this example when talking of next year.

Ir + a + infinitive = expression of doing something in immediate/near future.

I find that, more than anything, without the 'a' the sentence doesn't flow but I realise that is not an explanation!

hopefully the above helps

2 months ago


Hola! I was wondering why we say "Adónde", and not "Donde" in this phrase.

3 months ago


Yes, me too! And why again "a" prior "viajar"? Who can explain clearly?

2 months ago


After the verb "voy" in all its forms you need the preposition "a", that's how spanish works you just need to memorize it.

1 month ago


También puede escribirse en dos palabras: a donde.  Referencia: RAE

1 month ago


¿A dónde vas a viajar para el próximo año?...not accepted???????

1 month ago
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