"Are you counting sheep again?"

Translation:Zase počítáš ovce?

August 5, 2018

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in English: counting sheep = trying to go to sleep. Does it have the same meaning in Czech? Or is there some other reason we are spending so much time on this phrase?


Yes, there is a "phrase" in Czech "počítat ovce" which means "trying to fall asleep"


if you could let us know, how exactly did you mean "spending so much time"? because people ask? or was it presented to you over and over?


Is 'Zase ovce počitáš' ok?


Although people would understand you, it's not correct, it has to be a question with it's word order.


I didnt realize word order was different for questions. Should we avoid ending questions with verbs in general?


Not in general, but it is one of the least likely placement and often results in an awkward sentence. The fewer words the sentence has the more likely the verb will be the last.

However there is nothing wrong with the proposed word order per se, the problem is how it changes the meaning. If they were some specific actual sheep, the order is absolutely fine:

Zase ty ovce počítáš?

Are you counting those sheep again?


Why does it need to be in this particular word order? What's the general rule regarding adverbs?


The general rule regarding adverbs is that there is no general rule regarding adverbs.


It does not. If a sentence was rejected, you really have to tell us the sentence.

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