"उसके भाई पानी पीते हैं।"

Translation:His brothers drink water.

August 5, 2018



can it be "brother"?

August 8, 2018


No, the ending of uske indicates it is a plural noun. It would be uski if it was singular.

August 10, 2018


I actually think it could mean brother as well. उसके does indicate plural, but in some cases the plural version is used to show respect. For example, "his grandmother" would translate to उसके दादी, even though she is only one person. The same way, if you want to be very polite, I think that उसके भाई पानी पीते हैं could mean his brother drinks water

May 9, 2019


i think it would be uska or uski, uske implies plural

August 9, 2018


her brothers?

September 2, 2018


yes that's correct as well

May 9, 2019


It should be 'bhaio' for plural case. With 'bhai' it's singular. wrong answer.

May 9, 2019


No. भाइयों is the oblique case of brothers. भाई can both mean brother and brothers. In general, masculine words that do not end with अ are the same in plural as singular. Therefore it is correctly used here (this is no oblique case)

May 9, 2019


उसके भाई पानी पीते हैं - his/her brothers drink water

उसका भाई पानी पीता है - his/her brother drinks water

उसकी बहनें पानी पीती हैं - his/her sisters drink water

उसकी बहन पानी पीती है - his/her sister drinks water

July 7, 2019
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