"La tazza è la tua?"

Translation:Is the cup yours?

March 28, 2013

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Is there a reason why "Is it your cup?" is wrong?


No there is no reason. Your sentence is right.


And why not 'La tazza e tua?'


Its not translation, it is same meaning. But that's not how translating works. What You written has other translation than sentence you had to translate, yet both mean the same.


The sentence doesn't sound like an interrogative form neither there is any signal indicating that, then the best translate should be "the cup is yours".


There is a question mark so it is a question, in italian you just have to change the sound of the sentence, how you pronounce it to make it become a question. so "La tazza è la tua" would be "the cup is yours" but "La tazza è la tua?" is a question so you have to translate it properly - is the cup yours? The signal is the question mark. Happy new year.


Thank you but there was not any question mark because it was to translate from the audio recorded sentence. Happy new year for you too.


I agree. In the audio it was not obvious for me that it was a question. So I got it wrong.


Why do I need "la" before "tua"? Can I simply use "La tazza è tua"?


You can definately say "La tazza è tua" in italian. 100% right. You only need to put "la" before "tua" only if the sentence starts with it. Esempio: Tua tazza è sul tavolo (WRONG!) La tua tazza è sul tavolo. <3


I wrote " The glass is yours?" And it is not good!


Glass is "bicchiere" in italian. Tazza=mug/cup ;)


when do we use tuo tuoi tue and tua? i am so confused and they have not given an explanation also


Check on the tips, they explain it there


how can we know that this is a question instead of declarative sentence ??


In the written form there's the exclamation mark and in the oral form you just change the intonation.


the cup, is it yours? should have been right :/


can i put it in other order with the same meaning? for example- e la tazza la tua?


Not in that order. You can say: È la tua tazza? È tua la tazza? La tazza è la tua? La tazza è tua?


There is still way too little distinction between "tua" and "sua" in the audio.


Why "yours" and not "your"?


when do we use tuo tuoi tue and tua? it is so confusing and they have not given an explanation also


It all depends on whether the noun is male or female. If you were referring to something male, you'd say "il tuo", if female "la tua", etc.


thanx :) @Some_Kiwi

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    tua and tuo are singular for female and male. tuoi is used when the subject is plural, using the "i", as in "i cavalli".....and tue is used also when the subject/noun is plural and ends like "le torte"


    Why not 'the cup is yours'?


    Is it you cup? This should also be correct. Dont understand why the same is wrong.


    Is it your cup? I meant


    i I can t see mistake!


    Cup not cap is correct


    yes everything mine only


    La tazza = The cup

    è = is

    la tua = yours

    La tazza è la tua. The cup is yours.

    La tazza è la tua?

    Is the cup yours?

    Questa tazza = This cup

    Hope this helps.


    In my understanding, thst is, "the cup is yours", is that not correct.


    Previously , it said if u wanna say "mine,yours,hers" u need not put la,il before it. Then why it says "la tuo" how come? Only "tuo" would come know !

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    my keyboard won't type accented letters! I can't progress my lesson because without the accent on the e I will keep getting the sentence wrong. Long pressing does nothing but produce a row of 'e's, pressing Alt +e has no effect........no idea what else to try!


    is this your cup is equally correct


    Why is 'is the cup yours?' marked as incorrect?


    How about "the cup is it yours"? marked wrong though literal, no?


    The literal translation of La tazza è la tua? Is 'The cup is yours?' right? The answer it gives me is 'Is the cup yours?'. So my question for Italian speakers is, is this always the sentence in Italian regardless of the sentence structure in English? I feel like the context of 'the cup is yours?' can have a very different meaning (like surprise that the cup belongs to that person) in comparison to 'is the cup yours?' (a very simple question). Is the sentence the same in Italian regardless of implication or do you say it differently? I hope this makes sense!

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