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  5. "हिंदी में बोलो।"

"हिंदी में बोलो।"

Translation:Speak in Hindi.

August 5, 2018



"Speak Hindi" is the same as "Speak in Hindi." In North America it is more common to say it the first way.


@Mayateacher - Okay, if i wanted you to repeat your above message in Hindi; should I say A) "हिंदी में बोलो", or B) "हिंदी बोलो"?

If you follow A) then you must convey your above message in Hindi. Whereas if you follow B) , you are free to say anything in Hindi... perhaps reading to us yesterday's Hindi newspaper :-)... you'd still be speaking Hindi.

So, hopefully you can appreciate A) and B) are not the same - contrary to what you said in your message.


I had a similar thing on another question and suggested the no-"in" version as an alternative to, so hopefully they'll get around to accepting it.


Both phrases make sense in English (and I assume the above without में makes sense in Hindi too) and I've found that in Duolingo, if the direct translation makes sense it's the best option to go for. This sentence teaches a post-position as well.


Yep, I've seen the same in other languages too


I agree, the two are nearly synonymous, tho' the form "Speak in Hindi" weakly implies saying a specific thing in Hindi (as opposed to saying it in some other language), as opposed to speaking Hindi in general. Therefore both forms (with or without "in") should be accepted.


I deliberately tried "talk in Hindi" to see if it was accepted, and it wasn't !! It is an equally good translation in my opinion.

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