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  5. "Eu tiro uma foto sua."

"Eu tiro uma foto sua."

Translation:I take a picture of you.

August 5, 2018



Is this correct in Portuguese? To put the possessive article and the end of the sentence like that?


Here "sua" functions as an adjective so it's not too surprising to see it placed after the noun. In fact, it seems that is the best position when the noun is determined by "um/uma".


So the "sua" gets put at the end because of the "uma" here? If instead of "um/uma" we have "o/a/os/as" it would come back in front of the object noun?


If the situation weren't (I'm now taking your photograph with a camera or a phone), but were instead (you have several printed photos, and you're giving one to me, and I'm taking it), would the sentence in Portuguese change?


Yes. You should use "pegar" instead.


Got it! Muito obrigado por elucidar!


"Elucidar" is a high-level word =)


Could you also say something like "Eu tiro uma foto de você"? This is a strange sounding construction to me, I guess because it's new.


Yes, it is also right.


That's interesting. If I've understood what you've said in other discussions, "Eu tiro a sua foto" (I take your photo) can't be translated as "Eu tiro a foto de você" because "de você" is not a possessive. But "de você" can replace "sua" in "Eu tiro uma foto sua" because it is treated literally as "of you". Is that right?


Yes, "De você" here is not possessive. It means "of you". "Sua" has to be after the noun in order it means "of you".

"Eu tiro a sua foto" is not the same as "Eu tiro uma foto sua". The former can be used for "I take the picture for you".

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