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  5. "Raj's school is in America."

"Raj's school is in America."

Translation:राज का स्कूल अमेरिका में है।

August 5, 2018



Can anyone explain difference between ka and ki


I'm also a beginner, so bear with me please. I think that "ka" is for masculine and "ki" is for feminine objects. So in the phrase "Raj's school", you'd look at the noun "school" and figure out it's gender. School must be masculine, cos the answer here says "ka" (guessing backwards).

Btw, it would be really nice if a native speaker could confirm!

On how to determine gender: https://hindilanguage.info/hindi-grammar/nouns/gender/. At my basic level, all I'll remember is that: - many masc. words end with आ - many fem. words with ई

Please support a feature request to Duo that we see the gender of each word in the hints.

And a short note on nettiquette: dunno why someone downvoted your post - it's a question and all new questions are good!


It's true, that's exactly how it works.


Shouldn't we being using पाठशाला or विद्यालय instead of स्कूल (school)? Isn't स्कूल an anglicism?


Very few amongst the younger generation would use पाठशाला/विद्यालय outside of very formal situations (also true of many other anglicisms).


True, but it seems that if that's our standard (which arguably it should be), we'll end up learning a lot of anglicisms.


I would love to learn both.


These days some English words are more common in Hindi.


I agree with you


It is either ka or ki . Why not ka for men and ki for women?

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