"He probably does not know me."

Translation:On mě asi nezná.

August 5, 2018



"Asi mne nezná" is also correct, but "Asi on mě nezná" is not correct. Can anyone explain when you use "mne" and when you use "mě" and why "Asi on mě nezná" is not correct

August 5, 2018


It is more about the word "asi". Usually it is directly in front of the verb. It can be the first word in the sentence, but then it gets complicated. I can only imagine "Asi mě/mne nezná on." or no "on" in the sentence like "Asi mě/mne nezná" or "Asi nezná mě/mne" (which strongly stresses ME).

August 6, 2018


When the Tips and Notes appear for this section, that will be a really useful thing to know - that asi usually likes to go directly in front of the verb. The word order is the thing tripping me up most as I make my way through these Adverbs. Thanks for this information.

December 25, 2018


Can I use this možná. On mne možná nezná. If not, why?

January 24, 2019


It is accepted

January 24, 2019
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