Translation:Usted necesita elegir una de las faldas rojas.

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I translated this as: Yo necesito de eligio uno alguna las faldas rojos. I'm lost!

3 months ago

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Yo necesito de eligio uno alguna las faldas rojos.

A couple of things are not correct in your sentence:

"Yo necesito" = "I need" (it should be "you need").

"eligio" = this verb should be in the infinitive form "eligir".
You don't have to conjugate this verb.
"necesitar" is already conjugated to match the subject
("you"= subject in this sentence).

"I need to choose" = "Yo necesito eligir".
"You need to choose" = "TĂș necesitas elegir"
"You need to choose" = "Usted necesita elegir"

"la falda" = feminine.
The article and adjective should match the gender of the noun it modifies.

"uno alguna" is a mismatch here. (feminine + masculine).
"one of the ... " = "una de la.....".
"uno" should be "una".
"rojos" should be "rojas".

3 months ago


Wow! I have so much to learn! Thanks for the clarification

3 months ago


why is necesitas elegir wrong?

2 weeks ago


I don't think it should be. I am reporting it.

1 week ago
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