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Finished tree!

Hi, I finally finished the french tree after doing Duolingo on and off for about 2 years. I know that sounds slow but it was a great achievement for me! I plan to finish Italian next because I am near to the bottom. Thanks, DanielvanD18!

August 6, 2018



That's great! It took me quite a while, too, despite 11-12 years of French.



Félicitations ! What "level" of french do you think you are ? Do you use other ressources ?


When you say finished do you mean all skills are gold? because i'm not even close to reaching half way down my Spanish tree and i'm level 17. I'm pretty new here so i'm assuming all the trees are around the same length. I'm only asking because I though one would reach level 25 long before completing the tree.


No. If you have all skills golden (about 600 crowns) you are at level 25 minimum.


Where do you find what level you are?


Well done Daniel. I'm not quite half way through my Spanish tree and have been doing it for a year and a half, you must be buzzin!!


@Ray144109, So your post has a 25 next to the Spanish flag icon on your post, with a 39 next to an orange flame, so you are level 25 in Spanish, and on a 39 day streak, according to the app. FYI, this is the "level" that the thread you are replying to is talking about.

There are some standard language proficiency designations that have nothing to do with the site. If you mean "level" in that sense, I assume you would take a test meant to achieve a certificate or something.


Thanks Edmond. My end goal is make the whole tree gold. Just now I'm about half way to making the tree red, three crowns in each module. Keep well and thanks for the information.


Well done! No problem, if you search on duolingo, an enormous amoun of people, probably most of them, finished the tree in about 2 years or so.


felicitations!! Onward and Upward!


Huge achievement no matter the time span, you did it! Congratulations Daniel :D


Congrats Daniel! This may be a dumb question but does the tree have anything to do with your current level? I just started Duolingo in March of this year and do not really know much about it. Also,what do the crowns have to do with your level, etc. And finally, what do the ^and "down"(can't find the character on my keyboard) characters mean? You have 53 next to your "1 day ago". Is there someplace on Duo that explains all this?


DanielVanD18, why does it say that you are only level 15 in French, or am I misreading that?


Hi Daniel, Just finished my green tree and 66 mods into my red one. Really trying hard to achieve that. How do you manage other languages at the same time?


Good job! I'm pretty close to finishing the French tree, too. Do you plan to continue with French, or are you shifting to just Italian?


Congratulations on your fantastic achievement! :)

[deactivated user]



    For a moment I thought it says "Finnish tree!" :)

    Congrats! Keep them coming!


    AMAZING! (I haven't done even one yet!! ;)


    I've barely started my Spanish journey and I find it really hard keep at it consistently.You are an awesome inspiration. Congrats




    Congratulations! I completed my French tree about 6 months ago, and I absolutely agree that it feels like a massive achievement,


    would you say you know french?


    Congratulations :)


    Well done!

    I'm about halfway on my tree and I've been using Duolingo to learn french for exactly one year today. I had thought I was being pretty slow, but I guess I'm doing okay. I'd rather learn thoroughly than rush through all the lessons and forget everything!


    Hi all, Is level 25 the end of the levels? I feel like I'm just beginning to understand. A four year old with a vocabulary of 4000 words. Does anyone feel the same?

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