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Internet requirements Duolingo for schools

Hello everyone,

I'm a Belgian engineering student. This summer I'm returning to Peru where I've provided a remote village of electricity a couple of years ago. While I was there I met a teacher who had troubles educating English to his students because he didn't know it very well himself.

Right now I wanted to introduce Duolingo, but I wanted to know what the internet requirements for Duolingo are for a pleasant experience. They have a stable internet connection (according to the teacher) in the administrative office, but not in the computer room. What I could do is buy an internet cable and some routers to connect the computer room to the internet. But before I do that I wanted to test the internet quality in the administrative office. Does anyone have any information about stuff that I should look out for like:

-Min download/upload speed -Router types (the amount of access points probably matter I assume)


August 6, 2018




all I can tell you is that DSL 6000/640kbit (down/up) is sufficient for one person to use Duolingo, Memrise, Lingvist, Mondly and even YT streaming (depends on video quality; not too high works).

My older Laptop uses outside (walls in between) wireless "b mode" with 54mbit to 150mbit in "N mode".
Works fine with my DSL WLAN router.

I guess it would be interesting to know the absolute minimum downstream value (e.g 1-3mbit) per person and then scale this value up by e.g 20-25 pupils + teacher to calculate the needed minimum broadband Internet connection - for parallel usage.

I am a bit unsure about going much lower than 6mbit per person; maybe 3mbit still works fine?? You would need to test it!

Even though Duolingo lessons / review exercises are highly text based with some pictures, the main website with all its Javascript and graphic loads in the background (XP graphs, streak flame, avatar, , etc.) and discussion forum (user language flags,...) takes its time to load.

I have not yet any experience using Duolingo as a student (assigned skills...) on the http://schools.duolingo.com school URL.

If you apply Tampermonkey user scripts like Camilo's "Duolingo Tree Enhancer" to be able to play the target audio (which Duolingo does not do out of the box for multiple-choice, right hand side translations, fill word into the blank) this could take quite some bandwidth per classroom: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/19654789/Userscript-Tree-Enhancer

The programmer decision to ALWAYS load the "sentence discussions" in a NEW browser tab does not really help to boost the performance; it was so much faster before (with the sentence text popup panel in the same browser window).

I guess performance must be horrible in a FULL classroom setting...

Staff did that because clicking on user profiles or following external links broke the ACTIVE "learning session" and resetted it to the beginning; you had to RESTART from scratch; out of all possible implementation solutions, this looks to me more like a quick workaround than a real final solution (because of performance issues).

I feel "sentence discussions" loads quite slow now as the FULL website has to be reloaded in each browser tab, even on 6mbit, when I compare it to the way it was implemented before.

Not every person has a 50mbit downstream Internet connection...


Thanks for the elaborate answer! I didn't reply immediately because I thought I would get a notification if someone replies to my post but apparently that is not the case.

I don't know a lot about these kind of stuff so apologies if I'm wrong but if I understand correctly than I could summerise your post as follows:

-Minimum download speed should be from 3-6mbit per pupil or for 25 pupils from 75-150mbit

I certainly won't use any of the tree enhancer scripts since it will only make things slower.

I'll ask the teacher to perform the speedtest of this website and I'll let you know the results: http://www.speedtest.net/nl


Ideally, your typical broadband connection would suffice for using Duolingo.

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