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My Duolingo Story.

[deactivated user]

    I have always wanted to learn Japanese, so I tried to learn it with a teacher in my school that knew Japanese. This helped but she was only teaching me complicated words.

    Then one day i was hanging out with my friend, and she told me about how she is learning Spanish on Duolingo. I asked her if Duolingo had any other languages, and she said Duolingo did.

    So I made an account and I am really glad Duolingo was created! It has helped me and my friend so much to learn The languages we want to learn.

    Thank you Duolingo!!

    August 6, 2018



    It seems like you've recently started your DuoLingo journey.

    If that's the case, then you will be pleased to know that I am capable of holding conversations for hours on end with native French and Russian speakers, and where did I start out at? Duolingo! I'm hoping I become just as capable with German :-)


    How much french and german did you knew before you started using duo??


    Wow, you are Awesome!! You know little to nothing about French and Russia and now you can have long convos for hours with natives. That's amazing.

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    other courses are better tbh, japanese one needs a lot of improvement since it does not explain the polite which is the harder part of the japanese


    Huh? As far as I've seen, it almost exclusively teaches polite forms.


    did you know how to.use ない, ええ and うん, the three mean yes, ええ is for show repect, ない is used for friends and family and えん is so.informal, also to enter to a.house you can say three possible answers, tbh honest i just readed and did not memorize at all, most of the polite its what most people dont understand because it is good explain also the words can be use by genres foe example: うらさい and うるせい, both means be quiet or shut up, but the first one.is commonly use by girls and the second one is commonly used by boys, also to ask or say you are going to the toilet you have three forms depending on.the polite and situation also there is a fourth one.who is commonly used by girls, most of.this.things are not explain in duo, im not saying is.bad but you wont understand it at all after you finish the tree, even people commented that japanese course needs a change and I can agree that other courses are better than japanese, i was learning swedish here before i enter a school and it makes me learn a lot :)


    i forgot to mention that はい also means here.


    knowing a new languages is very interesting! Towards me at first, i like studying Japnese too but i didn't know where to study, finally i found Doulingo ! And i was impressed by a great volume of languages on doulingo which helps me to gain my own knowledge. Learning language as a cup of tea will be the first step for us to make a go of it so i think doulingo is the best place for us to study ^^ . I hope you will be successful in Japanese! Good luck!


    Tae Kim's Grammar Guide imabi.net

    if u stick to duolingo u're not going to go far


    You're right! Thank you for your recommendation, Of course Dou just helps us about daily converations ^^( If we want to learn Language fluently, we have to study outside)


    if you are new learner i recommend you to start with hiragana, は, が and に particles adn later with katakana and kanji, get genki books, genki work books and genki answer key it is the best way to learn it since it is very well explain in the natural way, also get a dictionary where it explain the natural translation of the words instead of one who translate in the literal way such as google translator, books are avaible on scribd and maybe i can download those pdf and upload it to googledrive


    Yes, duolingo can help a lot with learning languages!

    I hope you have a fun language learning journey! ;)


    Awesome story! Have a lingot :)


    I'm so glad it's going well for you! I pretty much just started yesterday myself out of sheer boredom and so far its actually been rather fun. Keep it up!


    Duolingo is a incrible plataform to larn languages. Good luck :)


    I started my Duolingo journey today. I'm SO glad I found the website! It makes it so fun to learn new languages! Also, just a little tip, once I've levelled up on a language, I always do a practice test. It's a good refresher of everything you've learnt!

    [deactivated user]

      Duolingo is great, Good luck!

      [deactivated user]

        Thank you everyone for your support!


        Hey, congratulations! I hope you always have the motivation to continue learning. Keep it up! :-)


        wow! How perfect you are! Your learning is so amazing! That means you work hard!


        i tried to lean japanese but i feel like elementary school, this languaje must to learn a lot of characters and that getting me confused, but the only benefit is watching anime without captions, and later then i started to think that it is possible to use only that alphabet in another languaje like spanish and this meke me feel funny!


        Yes, Duolingo is great ! Good luck !


        Hey good job !! Good luck by the next and i very like your profil picture good choice!


        first of all welcome to the journey to learn japanese, I reccomend you to get Genki I Genki II, Genki Work book I and II and finally Genki key book, those are avaible on scribd though, it is pretty helpful because it explain pretty well everything, also get a dictionary which explain the meaning in a natural way instead of the literal translation such as google translate, finally you can use wani kani for kanji words and tiny cards for hirigana and katakan.

        PD: good luck in your journey i justa started a month ago :)


        I really like your story


        I think Duo is great for starting some Japanese, you will get a nice idea of what you'll have to learn and upon finishing you know the hira-kata kana combo.


        Good luck <3 :3! (Also going to learn Japanese heheh)

        [deactivated user]

          Thank you everyone for your support, I started a german course a couple days ago and so far i'm doing pretty well with it. i can't wait to learn the full language of Japanese! :D

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