"These people are not bad."

Translation:ये लोग बुरे नहीं हैं।

August 6, 2018

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Why is scrapping the हैं at the end of the sentence not accepted here as against other negative statements?


Because then there would be no verb in the sentence.
The option of omitting the है/हैं at the end of a sentence with नहीं is only available if there is another verb still in it.


I put 'ye log nahin bure hain', which I think means the same.


Sorry. Your proposed sentence is incorrect. The answer given by duo is perfectly alright.


Would "ये लोग नहीं बुरे हैं" or "ये लोग नहीं बुरे" also be correct?


Can you please clarify whether ये लोग नहीं बुरे हैं is acceptable. If not how does this translate?


It is not. Doesn't sound natural even in colloquial speech which is very lax on word order.

नहीं should be placed adjacent to a verb. (It is generally placed before a verb but after it is also acceptable and serves to emphasise the negation.)
The only verb in this sentence is हैं so the नहीं goes before it.

As an aside, a sentence like ये अच्छे लोग नहीं, बुरे लोग हैं (These are bad people, not good people) is possible. But note that it is composed of two clauses and there is an implicit हैं right after नहीं.


Can we talk not only about grammar but as well about what we are saying? I’m interested in other things as just wondering if people are good or bad! I feel very upset to see I am very alone in such ideas!


ये लोग बुरे नहीं हैं

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