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  5. "Ai! Meu pescoço!"

"Ai! Meu pescoço!"

Translation:Ouch! My neck!

August 6, 2018



I am thoroughly confused over the need or not for an article. When I leave the article out I am informed that this is wrong. later in the same section hen I put an article in when answering a different question I am then told this is wrong. Are there some arcane rules that I am missing?


KenLamb: I am with you. I can't figure out when to use ai and ali and don't know where to find a good rule of thumb

  • aí = near the person you are talking to
  • ali = away from both speaker and listener, but not that far
  • lá = away from both speaker and listener


How about "Yikes" for "Ai"?

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