"Who made all the food?"

Translation:¿Quién hizo toda la comida?

6 months ago



How about "Quién hiciste toda la comida?

6 months ago

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How about "Quién hiciste toda la comida?

That's the 2nd person singular form of "hacer".
I thnik that is not correct.
I think it should be in the 3rd person singular form.

6 months ago


You are right, «quién» is third person singular.

6 months ago


That translates to, "who (you made?) all the food?

hizo (he / she made) agrees with Quien.

Hiciste toda la comida?

This suggests, "You made all the food?"

5 months ago

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All the food implies plural food why not todas las comidas

4 months ago

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That could be correct if the English actually said "foods" -- for example, if you were talking about American food, Mexican food, Chinese food, and Italian food at one buffet or something.

But given that it just said "food" the correct answer is "comida" in the singular.

3 months ago
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