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  5. "We drink water."

"We drink water."

Translation:हम पानी पीते हैं।

August 6, 2018



The l character on the end isn't an option to enter but I got it wrong for not using it?


'।' means full stop/period in Hindi. And they need to fix this bug. A lot of users are getting their sentences wrong because of this. Please keep reporting.


I also thought it was optional / not required when using the male form. At least I understood the table in "tips and notes" like that. What do you mean with bug: is it wrong to use the "I" at the end? is it required or optional?


It is a direct translation of a full stop (.) And no, while writing you are supposed to use it after every sentence, so not optional but here on duolingo it should be optional since most of us here are beginners


yes but itt is hindi right not english


Marked wrong for saying "हम पानी पीती हैं।" Why is that wrong? I'm rusty (going back to Hindi as a review), but I thought if a group was all female they'd use the feminine plural on the verb stem, right?


That is how I understood it too... and after reviewing my notes I'd say that this answer should also be considered correct.


This can marked correct because it doesnt have any grammatical error, (it might though, im not very sure). But saying that us a rather rarely used and , in a way, awkward way to say it.


I think this is a grammar error, for one person should be c'hainc and two or more 'ho'.


मैं हूँ / आप हैं / तुम हो / तू है / हम हैं / यह है / वह है / ये हैं / वे हैं are the conjugations in Hindi. हो (ho) is only used after तुम (tum) which is singular, "you." And हैं (hain) is used for plurals.


I'm going to stop for now. You continually say my answers are wrong when they are right.


What is the difference between 'hai' and "ho" Why "ham paani pethe ho" is wrong


With हम the correct form is हैं . One uses हो with तुम only. See also the above message of Zerenei.


Ha me bidu nahi hayi gi.

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