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  5. "pemev 'ej pe'Ij!"

"pemev 'ej pe'Ij!"

Translation:Stop and listen!

August 6, 2018



I much prefer to have 'ej between every sentence. However Dr. Okrand has written canon examples where he only puts 'ej before the last sentence and puts a comma between the others. I guess it's a matter of style more than grammar.


Thanks for this! I don't know where I got the idea that it could not be done this way. I think sometimes I randomly read things about Klingon that are not necessarily canon. I will be on the lookout if I come across it again. It is good to know this can be done.

A couple cases where I can remember exactly where I learned something wrong, it was from Klingon speakers who are more advanced than me but not as advanced as you and I just believed it without question. I was led astray in the same manner than I almost just led this learner astray.

Aside from this course being great, I am learning so much in these discussion sections. It is like having a free personal tutor--my apologies and thanks for making you guys my free tutors.


Aha: pemev, pebej 'ej pe'Ij it is then! Because the Green Cross Klingon won't be there when you cross the road!


If I wanted to say, "Stop, look and listen," would I have to put 'ej between every word, or would I use a comma?


Ah, this is probably a question for the advanced speakers. But if you don't mind me weighing in, it is pretty fun to try to think about these things. One of the mods or another speaker will correct me if I get this wrong so look for their answer. Here goes...

If you want to put sentences together as one combined sentence, then you have to use 'ej in between each sentence. You can't use a comma to list them as you could in English. So you could not say pemev, pebej, 'ej pe'Ij if that is what you are asking in this post. You would have to do pemev 'ej pebej 'ej pe'Ij. [Important edit: jdmcowan below has corrected this. You can put a comma after all the sentences except the last where you use 'ej.]

However, if you wanted to, you could create three separate sentences that each follow the other. pemev. pebej. pe'Ij. Keep in mind this is definitely three distinct sentences. Commas and periods are not required in Klingon so you could even write it as pemev pebej pe'Ij. But if you write it that way, keep in mind that you have created three separate sentences even if you did not write in the periods.

I used bej for 'look' instead of legh because I think in the sense you are using 'look', 'watch' is a more accurate reading than 'see' since it has the sense of purposefully and actively looking rather than passively seeing. Like you might tell somebody, "Be watchful!" But you might like legh better depending on how you mean what you are saying.


Thanks, phuvtuo. I think bej is better than legh, as "stop, look and listen" used to be a road safety slogan in the UK. Now I can have the image of Klingon children safely crossing the road, because they heeded the advice: pemev 'ej pebej 'ej pe'Ij

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