"मेरे दादा छत पर हैं।"

Translation:My grandfather is on the terrace.

August 6, 2018



Dada as I know it means uncle. Big brother of my dad is my dada. Little brother of my dad is my kaka

August 6, 2018


pariksha ji!

If that is how you know it, you have a strange family! :)

I'm just joking with you -- Please don't take offense.

daadaa is most definitely grandfather! Big brother of dad can be taayaa ताया Little brother of dad is commonly chaachaa चाचा kaakaa is a different dialect or slang :)

August 7, 2018


In some locations in india dada is older brother in those locations adja or nana is grand father , but that is not formal hindi.

August 27, 2018


Yeah dada is older brother and baba is grandfather

May 27, 2019


probably change of dialect in your region

August 28, 2018


Yeah, in my regional dialect of English, we call our uncles "grandpa." It's just how we roll in our region. haha

August 28, 2018


Like many languages, there will be regional differences. I'm guessing Duolingo uses dādā (paternal grandfather), dādi (paternal grandmother), nānā (maternal grandfather), and nāni (maternal grandmother). In my region of India, we use tāiji, tāuji, chāchī, chāchā, buā (or phūphī), and phūphā for our father's side of the family; māmi, māmā, mausī, and mausā for our mother's side of the family.

March 2, 2019


I said patio instead of terrace and d it was marked wrong. Aren't they the same thing?

May 14, 2019


lol, no. छत is ROOF, and also terrace due to the structure of lots of Indian houses, yes. But if you remember it as roof, you won't confuse it with patio :)

May 14, 2019
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