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  5. "मेरे दादा छत पर हैं।"

"मेरे दादा छत पर हैं।"

Translation:My grandfather is on the terrace.

August 6, 2018



I said patio instead of terrace and d it was marked wrong. Aren't they the same thing?


lol, no. छत is ROOF, and also terrace due to the structure of lots of Indian houses, yes. But if you remember it as roof, you won't confuse it with patio :)


Before (on) is not use of (are)???


Do you mean after on, पर, why is it हैं with the ं?

Because it's respectful to दादा जी to use the plural 'are' instead of singular 'is'.


Why "my grandfather is on terrace" wrong ? It should be correct.


In English you can't just say 'on terrace', what terrace? It has to be a/the/that/this/your/my/something terrace. In this case, 'the', because Hindi doesn't have an equivalent (called a 'definite article' in grammar) whereas the other possibilities would have एक/यह/etc.

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