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  5. "Vous voyez le repas."

"Vous voyez le repas."

Translation:You see the meal.

March 28, 2013



I wonder why "are seeing" is wrong.


I reported that "You're seeing the meal" should be an accepted answer as well.


Do you think " You look at the meal" is correct? It was judged as wrong but I feel "pourquoi pas"!


I agree - "You are looking at the meal" would be a more natural way of saying it. It should be accepted. If you say "You see the meal" it is usually a question in English.


"You look at the meal" = Vous regardez / Tu regardes le repas.

Different verbs, different meanings in both languages.


"You see the meal" it sounds very strange.


Why is repas "food" sometimes and "meals" other times? I said "you see the food" and it was not accepted


it dosent mean food food is nouriture or something like that


The only thing different in my answer was I didn't put a period at the end of the sentence. I usually don't bother (except for question marks) since program never seems to complain


Why is 'are seeing' wrong?!


The problem here is that I can recognise the French word (voyez) whenever I see it in a sentence.......but when it comes to translating the English word to French, I just don't seem to remember anything except for the alphabet "v". Huff.


like several others I too said "I look at the meal" It is the same as I see the meal, in English. Many comments but nobody has told us why it is wrong. can anybody enlighten us?


I think that "look" is to intentionally look at the meal, while "see" is to just happen to see the meal.


This is the answer I was l looking for, because "to see a meal" sounds odd to me but that makes sense that it depends on the circumstance.


what would be the plural of repas?


its a ❤❤❤❤❤❤ sentence anyways, nobody ever says that. just asked a french


first off... this is a very strange and unnatural sentence... secondly - i responded with the answer given here above "you see the meal" and it got marked as wrong. the system says i should have written "you can see the meal". that sentence would be "vous pouvez voir le repas". which still doesn't make sense, to be honest. this one should be scrapped off the list.

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