Mobile getting hot while using doulingo

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Since some time I am experiencing that after using duolingo for one or two lessons my Android mobile (Moto X 2. Gen, Android 6.0) is getting really hot and duolingo slows down, i.e. is not responding immediatly but you have a small delay when you press a button till you see the reaction of the app.

I'm using version 3.93.2. The power consumption of the app is not unusually high but the android OS seems to consume quite some power when the app is running. Till some time ago I didn't experience this behaviour.

Does anybody else experience something like that or is it just the higher room temperature during the recent heat wave in Europe which my phone cannot handle?

August 6, 2018

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I'm in France, with the heat wave my phone basically heats when I do anything. The Duolingo App does delay a lot and even shuts down often these past few days. Pretty sure it's the heat was as I never had that issue before. Can't wait to be tomorrow :)

August 7, 2018
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