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  5. "आलू और गाजर सब्ज़ियाँ हैं।"

"आलू और गाजर सब्ज़ियाँ हैं।"

Translation:Potato and carrot are vegetables.

August 6, 2018



This English sentence sounds really odd. “Potatoes and carrots are vegetables” is way more natural


I think it is because sabzi is used in a bunch of ways that vegetable would never be used in English. It doesn't quite translate. They're trying to do a literal translation into English, but the result doesn't mean the same thing. And the sentence isn't grammatically correct.


Duolingo: Throughout the last two lessons, "carrot" has been used in the singular. As with potatoes in this example, however, carrot should be pluralized in English. A carrot is a vegetable, and carrots are vegetables... but "Carrot is a vegetable" without an article is gramatically incorrect.


Dear Duolingo Hindi team! Please double check your English translations with a native speaker. Skipping articles in English is not okay and confuses everyone trying to learn Hindi here.


Is सब्जी and सब्ज़ी just a regional pronunciation difference or can they mean different things?


Different ways of pronouncing the same thing. Some Hindi speakers don't say the z sound and just use j. But it's also worth noting that often the dots to change consonants are left off, but will still be pronounced as if they were there for those that do so.


I had the options of "and" and "&". "&" was wrong. This seems a bit silly.

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