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"My home is in the First City."

Translation:veng wa'DIchDaq 'oH juHwIj'e'.

August 7, 2018



Is the reason it isn't "vengDaq wa'DIch" because "First City" is sort of treated as one word since it's the name of the city?


There's a rule that when a type 5 suffix like -Daq is used on a noun that is modified with an ordinal number, that the suffix is placed on the ordinal number, not the noun. The same rule moves -Daq to the end if the noun is followed by a verb acting adjectivally or by another noun in a noun-noun construction.

quS cha'DIchDaq ba'taH. - She's sitting on the second chair.

quS moHDaq ba'taH. - She's sitting on the ugly chair.

quS yorDaq ba'taH - She's sitting on the top surface of the chair.

(Not a lot of other ways to sit on a chair, but sometimes you have to be specific).

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