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Benvinguts a la família

In case anyone else is like me and uses Netflix to improve their language comprehension skills, you may be interested to know that it just premiered its first worldwide Catalan language show, Benvenguts a la família/Welcome to the Family! (Merlí is not available in my country). I am looking forward to watching my first show in Catalan :-) I haven't started yet, but the reviews for it look positive

August 7, 2018

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Sempre m'ha agradat que la gent volgués aprendre català. Pots veure Merlí des del Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFJ4JqBMQSk


I watched that one too. It's was entertaining but being honest, that was all for me. So far, I've watched: Plats Bruts (i love it), La Memòria dels Cargols (my favourite one), Polseras Vermelles ( very touching ...) now Benviguts and some Catalan dubbed films that I was lucky to find.

I love this language and even though here in Spain, there are people who reject everything related to Cataluyna, I don't care what they say. It's a rich culture and every chance I have I use it to make them realise its beauty.


Gràcies però diu "blocked in your country on copyright grounds" :( Ho vull mirar :-(


I enjoyed that show very much!! Pude entender mucho más!


I saw that too there about 3 days ago. I watched all the episodes in a row, and i really liked it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

I've also watched in youtube that they were working on the 2nd season, if not finished (I don't remember well), but tv3 hasn't made public what will be the future of the series.

Ah, it's benvinguts :)


Estic molt feliç d'estar aquí aprenent català. jo ja vaig veure la sèrie completa i la veritat mola molt. Ens seguim!


M'agrada molt la serie, Grácies!


Sabes se i a tanben de serias en Occitan? M'agrada agachar lo program en Català ma es pas la mea lengua. Merces plan.


thanks i watched benvenguts a la familia (en famille in my country) it's very funny.


Gràcies per les vostres respostes!! Ja he mirat el primer episodi i em va encantar! Hilarant! i entenc una mica :)

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