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Please create Duolingo stories in Japanese

Nothing, I just wanted to ask that above... I am just hoping for a soul full of knowledge to improve Duolingo Stories the enough to be able to insert that language there

August 7, 2018



A lot of languages could use the stories feature...hopefully that's an upcoming project of Duolingo.


For free stories w/audio and amazing learning tools try here: https://www.satorireader.com/


Until that day comes, try reading some manga in Japanese. If there is difficult kanji, there tends to be furigana (the hiragana with the kanji) so you can read it. Given the images and the context, it is a great way to pick up Japanese vocabulary.


https://bilingualmanga.com This is the site I use, and is really useful if I don't understand a word since you can switch easily between the Japanese and the translation.


I've been looking for an easy way to read manga in Japanese, the site you linked is wonderful -- thanks! Have a lingot, or three, as a token of appreciation :)


This is awesome! Thank you so much for the link. :)


Yesss!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I`ve been searching for something like this for weeks. My Japanese reading isn't strong enough for a lot of the sites, so I get tired having to translate everything. I have tried reading the comics from Japanese newspapers, but it is hard to check and make sure I read it correctly. This is perfect.


They should start doing it with more languages yeah



They have audio in the middle of page. The thing with these Japanese folk tales is that they use a lot of onomatopoeia to help young kids immerse into the stories / keep them focused.

[deactivated user]

    This would be so helpful!


    Just give me whatever you like to say, I'll translate for you.


    yes!! pleaseeeeee.. in Korean also...


    JapanTimes got a series called "Japanese Graded Readers/Reading" with relatively simple short stories in different levels of learning. The levels are according to the study book "Genki" by the same publisher.

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