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"वह आदमी दिल्ली से अमेरिका गया।"

Translation:That man went from Delhi to America.

August 7, 2018



"That man went to america from delhi" is also correct answer but DUO did not accept it. I have reported it. See if is gets accepted. (7-aug-18)


Accepts - (09-oct-18)


Why this was not accepted That man from Delhi went to America ?


When you say 'that man' is FROM Delhi then you change the subject to Delhi and 'that man' becomes the object. Therefore the sentence becomes "दिल्ली से वह आदमी अमेरिका गया".


You seem to say that man was from Delhi. But the given sentence does not say anything about the man.


'to America from Delhi' is also ok


I also wrote: that man from delhi went to america. Is it wrong or possible like that? Thank you!


Because nowhere it was mentioned that the man was from delhi. thus the answer should either be: that man went to america from delhi OR that man went from delhi to america


Are there only three teaching levels up to now? My lessons stopped at the beginning of level 4.


I'm so disappointed. I've reached the end of the Hindi course! Duo please do a further course - I was making real progress. I would definitely subscribe to the pay version of Duo for an intermediate course.

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