"František je její druhý manžel."

Translation:František is her second husband.

August 7, 2018

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Also here it could be 2 František is her other husband. right? it was considered wrong..


Polyandry is even more weird then polygamy. But it is probably theoretically possible.

I will add it.


so to be clear, you dont use "druhný" in czech when there is only 1 other?


We sometimes do indeed. But in English "the other husband" imploes to me that she has two husbands at the same time. I could be easily wrong though.


Nope, you're not wrong. It definitely would mean her second CURRENT husband. If the sentence were in past tense, though, I think that problem would go away. Like: No, František was her OTHER husband, as in "the one she had before now."


oooooooohhhhhhh because the original sentence implies that she divorced the first husband! Right? I thought she had two.. in secret or not..

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